Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crane and Matten get married (... but not to each other!)

We don't usually post personal blogs here but given our lack of activity over the past couple of months we figured we had some explaining to do. The fact is we've been neglecting the Crane and Matten blog because, well .... we've been concentrating rather more than usual on Crane and Matten's personal lives.

The last two months have seen not just one of us, but both of us getting married.... and not, we should clarify, to each other, nor, in case you were wondering, to the same woman. Hey, we're friends but we're not that friendly. So first Andy got hitched in September (to Daniela) and then Dirk in October (to Deniz). Of course we also had to go to each other's weddings ... and of course neither of us could get married here in Canada because, well, that would have just been too easy.

So it has been a hectic time of travelling, planning, celebrating, honeymooning, with a bit of best man speech-writing thrown in for both us. Naturally we mused from time to time on the nature of ethical event planning, but no one took much notice of us.

Anyway, the Crane and Matten blog is now back in business, so we will be blogging as usual from now on, although our first post is actually going to be from one of our occasional guest bloggers. So stay tuned for more of our  insights on the world of corporate responsibility. And if you don't agree with what we have to say, then you'll probably find that you have something in common with our wives....


  1. Just wanted to say, congrats to both of you!

  2. Ragazzi,
    tanti auguri a Voi e alle Vostre spose!


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