Thursday, February 21, 2013

A 2 minute lesson on employee engagement for sustainability ... that will make you smile

Everyone knows that getting employees engaged in sustainability initiatives is tough. This fun little video shows why so many efforts go wrong and how "green jujitsu" offers green champions a better way forward. It's not saying anything new to anyone that has been in the field a while, but it gets the message across really well in less than two minutes ... and its great advice for getting started in employment engagement. As Gareth Kane from Terra Infirma, who put the video together says, "It's deliberately lightweight, but it carries an important message - ditch the eco-cliches and put yourself in your colleagues' shoes."


 Here's the original link on Youtube which tells you a little more about the green jujitsu approach - essentially using your employees strengths, habits and interests as an opportunity rather than a threat.  

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