Thursday, September 17, 2015

Exciting Case Competition with Final Round in Davos 2016

Decarbonize Norway’s sovereign wealth fund
in this year’s Business for a Better World MBA case 

Team registration is now open for the third-annual CK-Schulich Business for a Better World case competition, a partnership between Corporate Knights magazine and York University’s Schulich School of Business.

With a prize pool in 2015/2016 of $10,000, the final round of this MBA competition will see three top teams present their case analysis in front of a live panel of high-profile judges in Davos, Switzerland, coinciding with the World Economic Forum in January.

Student teams will be asked this year to decarbonize the holdings of the Norway Government Pension Fund Global, the largest sovereign fund in the world with a value of $940 billion (USD). Managed by Norges Bank Investment Management, the fund is commonly referred to as The Oil Fund because it has been built from the surpluses of Norway’s petroleum income. Teams will have four key objectives:
  • Minimize the carbon footprint of the fund;
  • Reduce risks that might strand assets;
  • Maximize returns and engagement impact with companies;
  • Position the fund to thrive in and drive a world that does not exceed an average 2-degree temperature increase.
Throughout this competition, students will have access to a tool, designed by Corporate Knights, which will help them assess the carbon profile of the fund’s holdings and allow them to watch this profile change as the holdings mix is altered.

“With our first two competitions, teams were asked to broadly improve the sustainability performance of a case subject. This year, apropos to the lead-up of the Paris climate summit in December, we’re taking a different approach targeted strictly at carbon,” says Tyler Hamilton, editor-in-chief of Corporate Knights. “The case subject will be a sovereign fund worth nearly a trillion dollars. The MBA team that can show the best returns with the lowest portfolio carbon footprint will take the top prize, and send a strong message to investors around the world.”

For more details or to register a team, visit

The registration deadline is October 16. Case details will be released on October 2, so teams that register early will have an advantage.

Toby Heaps, CEO, Corporate Knights,
Dirk Matten, Professor, Schulich School of Business,
Julia Shtopel, Schulich MBA student and event organizer,

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